V1.5 Mac (annoying things)


Hi guys.
I’ve some issues to report. I don’t know if they are bugs, but are errors…

  • Start up.
    Every time that you start up insync, the main windows keeps open. Why? As a service, insync should be hidden until someone calls it.

  • Pop up
    Every time that I open a “.gddoc”, “.gdsheet” or any “.gd*”, the main windows opens. Again. Why???

  • Design
    Mac users uses the close, minimize and full screen/restore buttons in left side of the window.
    Insync for Mac has the minimize and close button to the right, as Windows.
    Even more, it has 3 dots to the left but just for Preferences, Help and Quit (?).

My eyes… My eyeeeees hurts!!!

:scream: :scream: Whhhhyyyyyyyyy??? :scream: :scream:

Can you do something regarding this?

Thanks a lot.


EDIT: all this happens in both High Sierra and Mojave.


Hey @easturniolo,

Thanks for reaching out! I wouldn’t classify these as errors but if your eyes hurt, then it’s an issue. :joy: I’ll take this as feedback and inform our team about it! :slight_smile: If you have any more, just let me know.


It’s ok Gregory.
Now seriously.
The pop up main windows, if isn’t an error (both of behaviours), why appears on start up and whern I open a .gd file? What’s the really reason?

I’m just curious.



Hey @easturniolo,

Our team is aware of the issue of the app window appearing on startup and will fix it in our next update. :slight_smile:


I presume you’re also gonna fix the window controls appearing on the wrong side too?


Hey @NewsGuyTor,

I’ve informed our engineer about this and we’ll take it as feedback! :slight_smile: