Various Issues on Mac, Linux and Windows

Hi together,

im facing the following issues:

  1. Mac and Linux: in combination with discord, one of the apps wont start correctly. that means, that either discord is stuck in a permanent loading screen or that insync gui is showing its outlines and title, but no further content.

  2. currently facing following on Windows 11 and Linux (Fedora 40, KDE), cause of more limited storage on mac:
    current setup: dual-boot system with 2 ssds (one windows, one linux), and a windows logical volume over 4 hdds which is represented as one drive in both os. both linux and windows logical setup is identical, apart of folder paths (which are different by nature :wink: )
    my gdrive PRIVATE folders are synced into my personal folder using the existing folders like pictures into pictures, documents into documents and so on. im not using my personal folder as base folder, but a folder inside that and then doing selective 2way sync to divert the sync to the corresponding folders.
    on that windows logical volume i sync some mass data. when it now comes to startup, insync seems to be stuck while comparing the local and cloud data (state scanning). also the task manager doesnt show any processor load and the insync gui shows the locations as empty. (see screenshots)

does anybody face similar issues?
@insync-team: which files do you need from me for that, assuming, i cannot acces the guis and need the locations of folders/files you need and where to upload them.

thank you in advance

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Hi @WinstonWamsler! My apologies for the trouble! Here’s how you can access the logs without the Insync GUI:

Windows: %AppData%\Insync

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/Insync

Linux: ~/.config/Insync

Most file managers support copying this path and pasting it into their location bar.

Please upload them in the cloud and email the shared download link to Make sure to include this Forums post in your email so I can easily trace. :slight_smile:

I also have the problem with the “the location is empty” screen. However, I am running Insynq on MacOS Sonoma.

Hi @Carsten_Lange. It seems like I was able to receive your email about this as well and I’ve also responded.

Let me know if you didn’t get my email reply and I’ll resend. Thank you!