Very disappointed by insync

I’ve been a (mostly) happy customer of insync for a few years.

Nowadays, I can’t say how disappointed I am with it. I’m nowadays scared to have insync running, because I fear it will randomly start re-uploading files that never changed, stop synchronizing without any warning (just had one of these, I’m estimating it was blocked for a month or two). That’s the stuff I see. I always wonder if it would also start deleting some files soon ? Now that google empties trashes every 30 days, that would mean loss of data.

I know two-way sync is hard. But I also know that insync was working mostly seamlessly.

And when I asked for support, I was asked to “send us your logs”. You know, a massive database that essentially lists all files I have in my (professional) drive. As confidential information goes, you should have realized this is really bad.

So, now, I just uninstalled insync. I’m back to plain old browser. At least, I know how bad it works.

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Hi @sylvain,

Thank you for sharing your sentiments. I would like to apologize for the trouble you’ve been experiencing and for the frustration Insync has given you as of late. I was trying to search for a recent ticket with you but have not found any yet. Do you mind emailing me at with the link to this post so I could trace your last email?

Also, could you confirm what your most recent Insync version was prior to uninstalling?

I had one interaction with support, a few months ago. I think that was the one that led me to “upgrade” from a 1.x version to 3.x, and got me into the rabbit hole.

These problems are way past support. Reliably syncing (and not messing) the drive is the core functionality of insync. I shouldn’t have to call support (and waste even more of my time) to get the basic functionality working.

End of last year I considered buying insync for my whole team. I don’t even want to think what would have happened if I did.

I would have traded all the bell and whistles for a reliable core.

Also, could you confirm what your most recent Insync version was prior to uninstalling?


I have forwarded this feedback to our team as we continue to work on Insync’s reliability. I understand your frustration and I am glad that you have voiced this out here. Please let me know if I can help you with anything else in the meantime, @sylvain.