Very slow sync - Windows Server 2012


Hey everybody,
We have installed InSync on a couple of Windows Servers.

So far the data has been syncing since 28/05/18 (so 2 weeks) and is still very far from finishing.

One server had the Google client on already (so I was expecting some potential issues) but Hawk helped with his unofficial sync recommendations for this situation.

The other server was totally fresh. Never had Google client or InSync ever before.

I have contacted both Mia and Dipesh at support but the response times are dyer. They leave me for days between updates. If we could have a phone conversation (crazy suggestion in 2018 I know) then we could probably resolve this in a single phone call.

So at the moment I have clients that cannot use their sync system due to InSync not finishing the sync and there is no end in sight. One server is around 645K items syncing and seems to go up everyday and the other server is 910K items.

Can anybody help me out?

Still Thousands of Items in Queue

Following this thread, since I encounter the same problem, since exact the same date…


Hi Adam,

Terribly sorry for the slow responses. :frowning: I’ve already just replied to your latest email.



Could you please send us the compressed copy of the “dbs” folder from your machine? The “dbs” folder is located at “C:\Users[Username]\AppData\Roaming\Insync” i.e. the same location as that of logs.db files.

Create a copy of the “dbs” folder, compress it and then send it to with the link to this post (upload it to Google Drive and send the share link if it is too big to email). Thank you in advance!


i’m waiting for a solution… I deal with the same problem!


Hi apologies for the late reply. I’ve responded to your email already. Thanks!