Very very slow sync


I had to format my HDD, so I installed Insync to retrieve my files.

In about three days, only 2 MB had sync… About 12 K files left to sync (about 20 GB)…

What happend? I need sync the files :frowning:

@elyoluk We are aware of this slow sync issue during the initial sync. We are still working on fixing this issue, but once the initial sync is through the succeeding syncing process is noticeably faster.

Please let Insync run continuously. Thank you for your patience. :smile:

has any progress been made, I’m now on google fiber and have 300+ up speed and its been weeks for my files to sync and not even a dent. yes i have a large amount of data close to 800 gig but still… it is very very slow. on with a speed of 5 up took waaay less time.

we have speed improvements lined up for Insync 2.0 which we’re releasing soon :slight_smile:

@Jimmy_Allison you may also send in your log files to so we can double check if there are other issues causing the slow sync How to find the log files

I just bought Insync yesterday and I’m unhappy with it. The SLOW issue is killing. And, it always starts syncing from 0. Its unable to continue syncing an existing folder from where google drive client left it.

Is it possible to get a refund? I’ll puchase v.20 later after you fix these bugs?

hi @uniquegodwin, please send your log files to so we can investigate if there are other issues causing the slow sync: How to find the log files

I guess now update on the slow initial syncing for the last 2 years…? It literally is creating 10 folders every 1 minute. No file syncing, just folder creation. It has been going for a week already.

My dropbox finished everything in a single day.

Very frustrating since I have 7 paid accounts.

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As of Jan 2018, this appears to still be an issue. I haven’t been able to find a version 2.0, are there any updates on the issue or version 2.0?