Weird synced status - nothing synced at all. ubuntu 16.04 64bits


Hello, I have been trying insync for 1 day. It does not work and there is a contradictory status.
I confirm that in the app I can see my files in “my Drive” tab (corresponding to 30Gb) , and after upgrading to beta 1.4… they appear with the blue icon.(not synchronized)
However, my local folder is empty, and nothing appears in progress (“No ongoing transfers” message), not errors, not anything.
The situation was the same with the 1.3.22 version.
If I do: insync_headless get_status
I get: Synced
I i do: insync_headless get_sync_progress
i get: No syncing activities

Insync not syncing anything no progress

After rebooting computer (having beta version) it is working

I got an email answer from Gio, saying
“Hi! Apologies about that. We had an issue with our licensing server earlier that may have caused that issue, but it was resolved :)”