Welcome to Insync email after using it for more than a year [ADDRESSED]

Just got a welcome email for Mia. Why, when I purchased it more that a year ago?

I also got the same e-mail. I think either the licenses have been refreshed, or backend things are done for grandfathering old licenses.

However, I’d also love to hear the official reason behind it.

Same here! Opening insync client it claims I’ve purchased a Prime plan…

That’s okay. Mine just somehow got downgraded to a seven day trial?

On behalf of our team, I apologize for how this made you feel! I am in talks with our product team on what triggered this welcome email in our system since we made some changes to our emailing funnel in the last 24 hours.

As per checking, there was an error that led to sending the welcome email to some of our paid users. We set (and tested multiple times) to only send to trial users. So this definitely was not supposed to happen and we are investigating the cause to prevent it from happening again.

If you saw that the app reverted you to a trial, please email support@insynchq.com with the following:

  • Your current Insync version
  • Your Insync account
  • Workarounds you’ve tried, if any

Thank you so much for reporting this. I appreciate you all!

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