When is an Apple Silicon native version of Insync coming out? [beta build available for testing]

Here is my latest screen shoot. THE FIX HAS NOT WORKED.
My MAC was in sleep mode most of the weekend and the memory has built up.
So I do not think there is a fix.
I do think the memory usage is going up when say there is a rescan or the like because it seems to go up in rough 600MB increments:

I would be happy to provide some logs. but I will only provide them if one of your team will do a zoom call with me to go through them as I only want to provide the specific logs that you need, that show the issue.
I would be more than happy to do a full on debug session with your team, but Insync team needs to step towards me, and show your desire to fix this problem.

Hi @Jamie_Browning

Since the problem is not being experienced by all the users, it would be helpful for us to see your logs to find out if there are any excessive tasks running repeatedly for you for some reason. We would really appreciate if you could record logs at various intervals (logs keep getting pruned too). For e.g. make a copy of logs.db file after 5 minutes of running Insync afresh, then at 25 minutes and 1 hour etc.

As to zoom call & debug session, we would do it if we are unable to gain any insight through the logs.


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Hey there I’m experiencing the same Issue but on a much lower scale.
I have two Folders setup to Sync with round about 5GB file usage.
Now when i keep running insync for days in the background my ram usage ramps up to over 1GB when i restart it its back to 300MB and will slowly but surely ramp back up.

For me it’s the same. It starts using around 300MB and less than 24 hours later, with few files really updated, it goes to more than 1GB memory. Another thing that I’ve noticed is that when a file is updated, sometimes it scans only the file/folder that really changed and other times it starts scanning everything again, all folders and all files, which is really upsetting because I have several thousand files, almost 500Gb data. And I’ve been using Insync for the last 5 years with no problems on Windows and Linux. this memory problem happens only on Apple Silicon.

Hello @Marcio_Cesar_Santos and @ollidiemaus!

Thank you for reporting your experience. Could you please send your logs.db and out.txt files to support@insynchq.com with the link to this post? I’ll have our engineers investigate this memory usage once more, alongside the previous reports we received.

Thank you!