Where do I manage my account?


When I log in on insynchq.com, I get presented with a pricing page. What if I want to close my account and ask for a refund because the Linux client (insync-nautilus_1.2.8.35136-precise_all.deb) is three years old and buggy?


Hello @liddell,

If you want to cancel your account if subscribed with Insync Pro, simply send us an email to support@insynchq.com. A prorated refund for Insync Plus license during it’s first year.

Thank you.


@liddell: The insync-nautilus package is only for the integration with Nautilus, it is not the Insync client. Are you having issues with the Nautilus integration or with the Insync client? Also what Linux version and distribution are you using?


I’m having issues with both the Insync and Nautilus clients running Ubuntu 15.10 (Linux 4.2). When I log in I get the dreaded “another Insync process is running” message. When I click “open app window,” there’s no consistent way to close it. Sometimes I click outside the window and it goes away, sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes I open a folder from the window and it goes away, sometimes it doesn’t. The folder icon is larger than the other icons in my /home folder unless I resize everything else (annoying). That’s just off the top of my head.


And for that matter, nobody answered my question: where do I manage my account?


@liddell My apologies for not getting back to you sooner. To manage your subscription see how to here: How to add members to my subscription using the dashboard (Pro/Business).

Let me know if this works.

Thank you


@liddell: Please check your crontab with crontab -l to check if there an entry for Insync there. That could cause the “another Insync process is running” message.

For the other issues I will take a look at them.