Where is the changelog?

I just upgraded my desktop with Fedora 40, and I noticed it correctly picked up insync-

I tried to view the changelog for this version but it seems to be missing, specifically: “rpm -q --changelog insync”

Is that by design? If so, where can I look to see if this package has a fix for an issue I discussed late last year?

@arliedtke Good question! This is a release specific to Linux due to a few issues we encountered upon releasing Let me bring this up with our team nonetheless.

Regarding the issue you reported last year, the fix for that has not yet been deployed for, but it is in our engineers’ timeline already as per checking. Would you like me to follow up on the ETA? :slight_smile:

Mia, good to hear the issue we discussed many months ago has not been forgotten.

Yes, please share the ETA for the fix. Also, please share the ticket number, and include that ticket number in the changelog. Thanks!

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Hi @arliedtke!

As per our engineer, the changelog is seen in-app for major version releases. If only the last part of the version number changes (i.e.,, it means that there were some build-related issues that our engineers fixed, and there are no product bug fixes or feature additions/enhancements. :slight_smile:

As for sharing the ticket number, my apologies as this cannot be shared publicly. We use a private repository to manage user reports and line up bug fixes for deployments. Thank you for understanding! :slight_smile:

Mia - I have a couple of comments.

First, I understand the point regarding build-related issues, but I was not asking about that. My question is regarding an empty changelog report. I will assume this is by design. Instead, I found this link which is an acceptable alternative to changelog.

Second, instead of an ETA or ticket#, can you tell me the version that fix is slated for? I can watch the above link for that particular version.


Hi @arliedtke,

I’ll ask our engineer regarding the empty changelog report per your original post. :slight_smile: Apologies for my misunderstanding, and thank you for the redirect!!

Will also check with the engineers what version the fix is slated for :smiley:

Hi @arliedtke, we will be lining up an improvement so the changelog can also be viewed via command line. For now, users can check the changelog on the app (for reference, I am using a Windows PC; the latest version for this is

Will circle back on your other question re: version that contains the fix.

Thanks for the tip, I was not aware if that. You may want to include that tip in your UI Guide page.

I look forward to learning the “version that contains the fix”. And this brings up another question - Will I be able to upgrade from version 3.8.7 directly to the “version that contains the fix”? Or am I required to pick up every patch?


Apologies for the late revert! I am not yet able to give you a definite answer on what version number will contain the fix. But, when that’s available, you can upgrade from your current version. No need to pick up every patch.

Thank you!