WHy are UK customers charged more for licenses?


Just looking at the licensing costs via the dashboard. Base price is $29.99. Change to GBP, I expect to see around £23 - no, it’s £29.99, equivalent to approx $39 . Look at Euro, expect it to be around 26 - nope, 29.99! (equivalent to approx $34)

Why is this?


marketing… they all do it… doesn’t mean its right though, but its about “what is the maximum number that we can put but still looks affordable and correct”

Another way to look at it, is that maybe the UK and EURO prices are the “correct ones” but they had to lower the $ price for marketing reasons…

Knowing that most products are doing a subscription-based licence, I think a one-time 30$ is fair. You probably wouldn’t complain if it was 3$ per month yet they’d make more money.


We try to equalize the cost as much as we can, but fluctuations can cause disparity. :frowning: You can always choose the currency that works best for you, though! :wink:


Because EU citizens are living in socialism, with much more taxation. Vote a for a more right wing governments and maybe global pricing will get more closer to US pricing… one of the big differences is VAT…


We have a right wing government in the UK. One of the first things it did when it came into power was to increase VAT from 17.5% to 20%.

The price difference seems to have far more to do with greed than government legislation but If you want to politicise everything that is fine, however you may find that getting your facts right tends to make you look less foolish.

I’m quite happy to pay the price for an excellent product, I just wonder at the international pricing policy


Sorry, I’m also a developer myself who distributes his products internationally and every time I see this kind of question (and I get them a lot :)…) I just have to react, cannot help myself…

Why the hack should prices in different countries be equal? I absolutely cannot understand what makes people think out of all the parameters which create a price this is the right setup? There is absolutely no reason for that.

There is different legislation in every country, different taxation of course, different custom fees and custom process and this makes a completely different cost of selling the product to the customer in that country.

Not to mention that countries have their currencies and their rate change a lot over time. For example on the platform where I sell my goods, pricing in each country is simply fixed to the sellers home currency at a particular time and it does not update for months as I would need to do the updates manually…

All the above is already enough to make a huge difference in pricing in each country not mentioning that even the origin of the seller vs. the country of the buyer plays a role in pricing as it may be more expensive to sell from certain countries to certain countries depending on their mutual legislation like double taxation or VAT obligation turnover limits etc…

But than there is the fact that the product has a different optimal price in every market. In some countries people are simply willing to pay more for your product or less and as a good entrepreneur you are obligated to seek for the equilibrium on your market.

There is also different parity of purchase power. For example I used the Big mac index in the past for my international pricing to encourage sales in countries with less purchase power. And I guess some people in poorer countries would even feel it is immoral to sell goods to them for the same price as in 1st world countries.

And last but not least there is marketing. I want to encourage sales in a certain country with a lower price because my market share lacks there. And there are seasonal sales and seasons differ in each country of course… and many many many many more…

So you can see that if you account for all the above there is very little reason why a price in one country should be anyway related to a price in a different country for the same product.

BTW I don’t think there are any right wing governments left in Europe :)…