Why is the tray icon always broken? [addressed]

When resuming from a locked acreen in Debian stable (11) the tray icon is not visible in the GNOME tray provided by Topicons and its alternatives.

These forums are full of such complaints going back years. Why does it never get fixed???

The icon works fine in your direct competitors Dropbox and pCloud. I have Windows apps running using Wine where the icon works correctly.

There must be a hundred open source applications out there where the tray icon works correctly yet instead of copying them you continue to use your own broken implementation.

Hi @Stephen_Chadfield,

Thank you for reporting here and we apologize for the trouble. I have received a similar behavior from our email support channels and am working with our engineers on this.

Could you please do the following:

  • Start Insync using insync start --no-daemon
  • Lock screen
  • Unlock screen (when doing this, observer if the tray icon is missing. If it is, proceed to the next step)
  • Check terminal for output, then send the output here.

Last thing - could you let me know if you’re running an X11 or Wayland session?

I am using GNOME on Wayland. The icon does not reappear after unlocking the screen. There are no additional messages in the console:

$ insync start --no-daemon
Warning: Ignoring XDG_SESSION_TYPE=wayland on Gnome. Use QT_QPA_PLATFORM=wayland to run on Wayland anyway.
INFO 2022-10-24 10:06:31,298 [mainlogs:_log_run:139] Core(app_version=, platform=Linux-x86_64-debian/11) initialized
INFO 2022-10-24 10:06:31,358 [inotify_manager:init:132] INotifyManager FS_ENCODING: utf-8
INFO 2022-10-24 10:06:31,358 [fswatcher:_start:57] LinuxFSWatcher._start
INFO 2022-10-24 10:06:31,359 [inotify_manager:_pull_loop:315] Inotify loop enter
INFO 2022-10-24 10:06:31,447 [app:start_core:65] core started
INFO 2022-10-24 10:06:31,448 [fswatcher:watch:77] watch origin: /home/stephen/Insync/stephen@chadfield.com/Google Drive
INFO 2022-10-24 10:06:31,449 [unix_socket_server:start:106] unix socket server thread start
[54035:54078:1024/100631.784966:ERROR:nss_util.cc(748)] After loading Root Certs, loaded==false: NSS error code: -8018

Hi @Stephen_Chadfield,

While we are investigating on a more permanent fix, here is a suggested workaround. When you open the help center article, scroll down until you see this section:

Quit Insync first before running these 4 commands. Then, restart the app. Make sure you are on a Wayland session when doing so. Let me know how it goes!

It doesn’t work. There is no tray icon at all in this case.

Did you test this yourself on Debian stable before asking me to?

You have run regular insync on Debian stable and confirmed my problem and then found that the procedure you suggested above fixed the issue? Please answer this question.

Never mind I have found a solution. Using “AppIndicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support” as the tray icon GNOME extension seems to work.