Will Insync 3.x EVER support Symlinks?

I anxiously downloaded and installed Insync 3 when I got the email notification. I was a bit surprised that 3.x did not support symlinks in the Google Drive folder. Please advise if symlinks are planned for Google Drive in 3.x as they are in 1.x.

Also, please advise if symlinks are planned for or are NOW supported with Onedrive with 3.x.

This is vital for me.

Please advise, is this feature planned or fixed in Insync 3? This may determine if I stick with Insync or not. With the recent change in Google Photos not being synced I am seeing less of a reason to stay with Google drive, I may switch exclusively to Onedrive - and it already supports symlinks in the native Onedrive sync client.

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Bump. I am really needing to know this. If Insync 3 is never going to support Symlinks then I amy be parting ways with it - at least until I am forced away from Insync 1.X.


At least for insync 3.0.x in windows, outside of the base directories, there is an insync context menu item to sync files/folders. This includes items in mapped network drives and usb devices. I have no idea how it functions or if it does it well as I have not tested it. But this could be an alternative, ie syncing the symlinked folders directly rather than via the symlink.

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I’m definitely with you on the google photos issue. And to only provide one way sync in the native google app and not provide an API on top of it is asinine.

It is planned for Insync 3 I apologize for this. We will make sure to update you guys with the build that already supports this.

Jaduenas, thanks for the info. Hopefully Insync 3 will be stable and have the missing features soon.

Kyle: Yes this is possible. It’s just a bunch easier to use a symlink. And I’ve been doing it for years. Thanks for the tip. I’m sticking with Insync 1.X for now until 3.x is more stable.