Windows 10 context menu breaking due to Insync


I was having an issue where right-clicking in Windows Explorer would take 10+ seconds to show the context menu, and some other operations, like creating a new folder, would also take unreasonably long. Finally managed to track it down (using ShellExtView from NirSoft) to the context menu item from Insync. Once I disabled that and restarted Explorer, everything started working like normal. Tried re-enabling it, went back to being slow. Not sure if this is a problem because of a Windows 10 update, since I haven’t used this computer for 2 months and it auto-updated while I was away, but didn’t have any problems before that.


Hey @savedbythezsh,

I replied to your message on our website. :slight_smile: We’ll need your log files for further investigation. Can you send them through our website chat or email them to Thanks!


Hi @Gregory ,

Unfortunately, a windows update messed up my computer and I was forced to reset it (hasn’t been a great week for computing for me :/), so I probably don’t have the log files anymore. I can double check, although I’m not sure where the logs are. Bright side is, after the refresh, the Insync context menu works fine! Not sure what the problem was exactly.


Hey @savedbythezsh,

Hmmm, that’s very strange. Good to hear that everything is working fine though! If you need any more help, just let me know. :slight_smile: