Windows 10 - Insync not working

Hi - since Windows 10 installed Insync is neither seeing new files dropped into its folders nor syncing anything. Is this a known bug?


So - I had to manually upgrade to the most recent version as that didn’t install automatically. That didn’t fix it. So I removed the account, add ed the account, and it started working again.So - problem fixed!

@StuartAHill: Could you send in the Insync logs to so that we could see why it stopped working after the Windows 10 upgrade - it should not have happened.

Same issue here… please advise!

@Daryl_Ross: Please send Insync logs to

For me it is not that it isn’t working but that it is causing lag issues for my input (keyboard and mouse) at the start of each file sync. I have spent 4 days looking at every process that has been running and trying them one at a time. I just started to experience the worst bout of it yet and I have just had 1,500+ files moved across to sync from their work folders by AllwaySync. I checked my event log and saw 100s of entries for InSync so I paused it and…my lag has stopped completely.

As a paid member I am quite concerned that I have thrown my money away here. Naturally I need this otherwise I wouldn’t have paid for it.

My bad on this one. Though Insync was making the problem worse it would seem that everything was. As always a video driver update seems to have fixed this problem. I’ll let you know if Insync has any further effect on this.

A further update in case anybody else has a similar problem and ends up here after seeing Insync on their processes. My video driver helped temporarily but this morning I had my worst attack of input lag to date. I decided to open up my event viewer (System Explorer) and watched the active processes. I realised that multiple applications seemed to be causing this problem so I looked for commonality and found that it was happening to TCP/UDP connections opening and closing. I immediately started to close down 3rd party software that works with these. Networx was not the culprit, torrenting not. The only thing left was Windows Firewall. As soon as I disabled it I the lag stopped. I have installed a 3rd party firewall and this issue seems to have abated…for now.

This explains why Insync caused so many issues yesterday when it constantly opened and closed network connections.

Also having similar issues.

My changes i make to the local drive are not made back to google. changes made on google are made in insync.

@dmcd: Please send to us the Insync logs at