[Windows 10] inSync3 doesn't sync, network issue or certificate issue?

I previously had insync 1.5 working perfectly fine on this computer (just 2 days ago). After much ado I finally got insync 3 installed and logged into my Google account to sync Drive. Now it is installed, the “Activity” section simply says “This section is under construction” and no new files are being sync’d.

When I look into the logs, a recurring issue I see is something about bad certificates, eg:

root in __is_validisyncd\win\cert_impl.pyo6{"message": "Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority is not a valid certificate: Status: 1", "params": []}{}

The only 3 conclusions I can come to are:

  • inSync has taken down or broken something server side. I somehow doubt this.

  • inSync seems to come with its own CA bundle, maybe that’s broken in this release? Maybe. I force all DNS over Cloudflare, but that shouldn’t be an issue.

  • The new inSync 3 uses something funky like BITS to access the internet. I have a host firewall with a default deny outbound rule, however I do have an exception for Insync and insync-cef. This was sufficient for inSync 1.5, but I couldn’t even log into with the firewall running.

Can someone from inSync confirm what libraries/APIs/methods are used for internet access in inSync3?

If there are any more details I can provide to help troubleshoot please let me know. The insync.exe process seems to establish 2 local TCP connections (to itself it seems) as well as a few others (one IP[] for insynchq.com, the other two to Google [accounts.google.com, both returning a valid certificate]). However those connections die off a while after opening the program.

Turns out the issue was too simple to spot. All my folder sync mappings didn’t transfer when I upgraded so the app simply didn’t think I had anything I wanted sync’d. I’m still curious what the firewall issue I had with the installation was about, but I think at least the syncing is functioning now. Creating a mess of my files with piles of duplicates, but it’s progress.

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Hi there, so sorry for the late reply. If you are experiencing duplication on your side, I apologize. Can you send in the link to this post along with your logs to support@insynchq.com?

Please include the following files in the folder:

  • logs.db
  • out.txt
  • data folder
  • live folder

If these are too big for an attachment, feel free to send us a link so we can download these.

I wiped inSync entirely and reinstalled from scratch and I’m my only issue now seems to have a resolution coming in a few versions, but there as absolutely no chance I will ever send application logs. You people must be crazy to even ask for them. A list of every file synced between my Drive and my computer? That’s what I see in these SQLite databases. What if I have documents with names like “prescription_for_{medication}_for_{illness}_for_{myname}.pdf”. Prescriptions and illness or disability information is PHI. Is your log intake and analysis pipeline HIPAA compliant? What if I have business documents that indicate financial earnings, are your employees trained on what does and does not count as insider trading if they learn about business financial data? Metadata like filenames might sound innocuous at first mention, but there can be very sensitive data even just in these logs. You should really consider a log export feature that sanitizes anything that has user data (even metadata) before giving it to the user to upload.

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