Windows 10 release: doesn't work

I’ve just upgraded my Windows 8.1 desktop to Windows 10 release. After upgrade the Insync is loaded, the icon is in the tray, but it doesn’t respond to any clicking and seems to be doing nothing. Insync re-installation didn’t change anything.

Please help! I have 4 google accounts and critically need Insync for my daily work!

I’m having a hard time with it too. It shows in the notification try, I can click on it and it’ll launch, but doesn’t show a feed of what I’ve got that should be in progress… just shows that something is queued, but not what it is specifically.

Guys, Please send your Insync logs to so that we could look into this.

@vmzakhar: If Insync UI isn’t work for you, please locate the logs by Opening Run prompt (Windows + R), type in: %appdata%\Insync, press enter


Found logs, sent. Thanks!

I upgraded over the weekend to Windows 10 while running Insync So far it all seems to be working correctly.

I updated to and it’s working like a charm on Windows 10!

Thanks guys!

Glad to hear that! Please do not hesitate in getting back to us in case you face any issue.


My original problem is still exactly actual, even after upgrade to v1.2.18.35198.
Please help! I’ve already submitted the new logs to support@.

Mine hasn’t worked for 15 days, since I downloaded Win 10. I reinstalled program, now I can actually click on the icon but it still isn’t syncing anything. I sent my logs over a week ago and have heard nothing back.