Windows 10 to Linux re-syncing files


Hello, i am helping my family switch from Windows 10 to Linux Mint 17.2
They are currently paying for Google drive space and have 200+gb they also where using the offical google drive app in Windows and i plan for them to purchase insync.

I have the Data from the old windows 10 backup but if i put the data in the sync folder will it re-upload or start re-downloading it? what I am attempting todo is have Insync recognize the data so it won’t re-download files.

is this possible?


Hi @Disk1of5,

Yes, this is possible with Insync 1.3. It is now available on beta test. You may check the release here:

Let us know how it goes. :smile:



Am I understand correctly, that if I have Google Drive directory on some NTFS drive, for example D:/Drive
and I run InSync in Lunux, pointed to that directory and when I reboot to Windows and have InSync running there pointed to the same directory - it will work? No problems?

Insync version: 1.5.7
Using same shared folder for windows and linux (ubuntu)

insync does not synchronize from one disk to another, i.e. not from ntfs to ext4.
The files you have on your Google drive will be synchronized to a folder of your choice with or without subfolders (your setting), it doesn’t matter if it is on windows or Linux.
Example, all my data will be synchronized to my main Manjaro PC in a folder called googledrive. When I add a file, it is moved to my drive at google (online)
On my laptop I have only selected a few folders because I don’t need everything there.
So it’s your decision what you want to do. At the setting you can choose which folders you want to synchronize.
And it is the same, if you are running a dualboot system.


My question was about if dual boot setup has linux and windows
and they are both configured to the same directory on drive D:/ for example.
would it work?


i think it will work, but i am not a friend of the way. The partition from windows must be automounted in the etc/fstab and you must have the right permissions two write on it from linux.


Hi @Oleg_Abrazhaev,

Unfortunately, it will not work. Insync does not allow 2 instances to point in the same directory :frowning: