Windows 11 - Configuration Window is Blank

The original setup was able to be completed and syncing has started, now when I look at the config menu window it’s just blank?

Windows 11 Home (21H2)
OS Build: 22000.978
Experience: 1000.22000.978.0

Any ideas?

Ive tried compatibility mode on the app and display resolution changes, no affect. Even re-installed the app.

@area51pilot Hey! Is this the latest version from (v.3.7.11)?

If you’re on this version, could you let me know if you’re running any antivirus software? If so, that might be blocking Insync so you can try to whitelist the app and then restart your computer, followed by Insync.

@area51pilot Hey! Just double-checking if you still need help with this :slight_smile: