Windows Command Line


How i control with command line the insync windows ?



Will be tagging our engineer @dipesh so he can help you out with this :smile:


Thank you for your help @jaduenas


@Federico_Rango: Unfortunately, you can’t control Insync on Windows & Mac via command line as you can do on linux.


“Unfortunately, you can’t control Insync on Windows & Mac via command line as you can do on linux.”

Quoting the InSync pricing page as of today (June 13 2016) :
Windows, Mac & Linux
Command line client
Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2012”

Very misleading, to say the least. Could you please make a correction, so people actually know what to expect?


@SylvainAliksir: Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We will fix the message.


Any follow-up from your team on fixing this message?

It doesn’t really affect my life, but the “windows command-line client” was what appealed me to buy InSync in the first place. Still a good tool and I still seriously consider buying it for my whole business, but nevertheless, InSync homepage advertises something that just doesn’t exist.

Thank you.


Considering buying Insync at the moment, and very frustrated to discover that command line tool doesn’t work on Windows. The front page is still seriously (and maybe purposefully?) misleading about command line support.


I hate to resurrect an old thread, I’ve been using Insync on Linux since 2013. Now, I’m using in on Windows. I got very comfortable with the Insync CLI on Linux, and would love a Windows equivalent, either as a stand-alone CLI or PowerShell CmdLet.