Windows on Arm - ARM64 version

On an Arm device running Windows 10 (for example on a Surface Pro X), currently it is only possible to run insync with x86 32-bit binaries in emulated mode. If insync was compiled for arm64, it could run natively and be less resource intensive. Is this possible? Thanks.

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There are no plans yet to build a 64-bit but this has been brought up by other users. I’ve raised this request to our product team :slight_smile:

Is see this thread is 2 years old. Will insync run on a surface pro 5g? I’m looking for a solution that will work. Emulation is ok. Google Drive and Dropbox won’t run on ARM at all.

Hi @zwattz! Apologies, this isn’t supported yet as it has not yet gotten much traffic as of late for us to support arm. In any case, I have included your post as a +1 to the feature request.