Windows: run DropBox client at the same time as InSync?

Hi. I’m testing Insync for the first time and using it with Dropbox (on Windows 11).

The download page recommended pausing the Dropbox client while using Insync. Is this only for the installation?

I’d like to run the Dropbox client while running Insync–it’s easy to get Dropbox links for sharing, etc., by using the right-click menu on files.

What do you recommend?



Hi @dilettanteCoder,

We recommend using only one sync client at a time to avoid conflicts. If you’re running Insync, please quit Dropbox (and vice versa).

Thank you!

I have one directory that syncs with dropbox and insync. I have never had an issue,

This folder also syncs to megasync.


Does this also apply to OneDrive and G-Drive? I should make sure that their local clients are not running?

@dilettanteCoder Yes :slight_smile: We’ve found (tested, and confirmed) that files can get re-uploaded as duplicates when running other sync apps at the same time. Best to do one at a time :slight_smile: Thank you!