Witching from 2way sync to 1way sync without deleting files already into local system

Greetings everyone.

I have a dropbox account configured full sync but now I just would like to switch to 1way sync, from cloud to local, so that I have a local backup of the cloud.

I tried to mark the folders to 1way sync, but it says I cannot configure for 1way sync folders that are configured for 2way sync.

So I went to remove the 2way sync configuration for all folders, but then insync told me it would have deleted local files.

It’s 8 terabytes and I would much rather prefer to keep the local files and switch to 1way sync.

Is there any way to?

Thank you.

Hi! I’ve responded to your email regarding this. For reference, if you synced your folders from the cloud via 2-way sync and wanted to change it to 1-way sync, it is required to unsync these folders first which means that the local copies will be removed.

My apologies for the trouble! I’m happy to forward this as a feedback to improve the feature.