Wondering about new behavior with insync-headless get_recent_changes


Recently updated my CentOS server from 7.4 to 7.6. On 7.6, insync-headless appears to be much, much faster; however I’m confused about behavior that looks like it has changed.

I have a handful of folders that are selectively synced, like so:

  • Folder A [partial sync]
    • File B [synced]
    • File C [synced]
    • File D [synced]
    • Folder E [not synced]

I regularly create files in Folder A, and then want to remove the local copy that’s taking up disk space, so I hop into Google Drive via web browser and move the files into Folder E.

Back on CentOS 7.4, I would watch to make sure that files moved where they were supposed to go with:
$ watch insync-headless get_recent_changes

So if, for instance, I were to drag File B into Folder E, I would see:
You moved File B to Folder E

Sometimes I would move hundreds or thousands of files, and I would be able to run:
$ watch insync-headless get_recent_changes
and I’d watch everything properly move into Folder E.

Now, after having updated to CentOS 7.6, running
$ watch insync-headless get_recent_changes
doesn’t show any of that activity, after I move the synced files into the unsynced folder. Is this expected behavior, or is it a bug?

By all accounts, it looks like everything is indeed working properly and much more quickly as well, nearly instantly; but I appreciated the written confirmation that insync-headless was doing what I wanted it to do. Now, I just have to go find particular folders and
$ ls
to make sure that the files I don’t want to be local anymore are indeed gone. If it’s a bunch of files, I can try to
$ watch df
and see that the available disk space is increasing, but that doesn’t feel as comprehensive.


I should add that when the files are moved into the unsynced folder, insync-headless doesn’t change the status to “syncing.”

So I have open three Terminal sessions:

  • $ watch -n 0.1 insync-headless get_status
  • $ watch -n 0.1 df
  • $ watch -n 0.1 ls [while inside the folder in question]

When I grab the synced files from the web browser and move them into the unsynced folder, I see the files disappear from the local disk, and I see the disk space free up, but the status only ever stays SYNCED.

This seems weird. It seems like both the commands
$ watch insync-headless get_status
$ watch insync-headless get_recent_changes
should reflect those changes that I’m making.