Wrong notifications

My notifications in the app are littered with weird things that are not real. Every day, I look up and the menu bar icon is badged, but when I look, it says I just added some old random file I haven’t touched in months or even years. Or a notification that someone just shared some file with me that I’m pretty sure they weren’t editing in the middle of the night. What’s up with this and how do I make it stop?

Why are random notifications popping up in my stream? Ideally I’d like to – you know – see things that have actually been worked on. Otherwise the real changes get mixed in with the garbage.

Great support! Glad I paid for this. :thumbsup:

I’m seeing the same thing and so are others on different platforms. Here’s another thread about it: Insync occasionally removes and adds back a file. Is this a known bug or am I being hacked?

Thanks. InSync is feeling half-baked at best.

@DRC Please send us your logs.db and out.txt file to support@insynchq.com. Also, please include the link of this post.
How to find the log files

Thank you. :smile: