WSL2 unauthorized_client

I am following the get started guide for insync-headless inside WSL2 but the command insync-headless account add -a [code] -c gd keeps returning

Sorry, an error occurred: (<HTTPStatus.UNAUTHORIZED: 401>, b'{\n  "error": "unauthorized_client",\n  "error_description": "Unauthorized"\n}') 

I understand this step is required to start syncing my files properly from inside wsl2

PD: I checked that when I give an incorrect code it returns a differente error i.e. Sorry, an error occurred: Auth code received is invalid. Please try again.

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@falwir hello! Apologies for the trouble. Let me forward this to our engineer for feedback and advise.

@falwir Could you update to 3.2.6? New Headless version: 3.2.6 and let me know how it goes?

same here.

<HTTPStatus.UNAUTHORIZED: 401>, b’{\n “error”: “unauthorized_client”,\n “error_description”: “Unauthorized”\n}’>

Debian Buster insync-headless. Have another account working.

would love to, put the links to version 3.2.6 are not operational. I would like to state that this is NOT freeware.

@conejero I have requested the links to be re-activated following your post on the 3.2.6 thread. Thank you for your patience!