Xdg-open zombie process tracks back to Insync

xdg-open shows up as a zombie process when I run top from the terminal. This zombie process can be tracked back to insync --see these guidelines.

This is not really a big problem, but it’s not the way it’s supposed to be. Additionally, a computer cannot launch a new process once the maximum amount is reached.

Does you, my colleague forum members, have the same xdg-open zombie process when using Insync?

And a question to the Insync team: anything that you can do about this from your side?


@Herman_Jongkind Thanks for reporting, and apologies for the trouble! Let me check with our team. Could you share your OS and Insync version too, please?

Sure, yes, forgot to do so.

  • Ubuntu 22.10
  • Insync
  • Insync-nautilus for integration with the Nautilus file manager.

The Zombie process occurrence arises once I open a Google document (e.g. gsheet) via the the file manager.

No problem @Herman_Jongkind! Thanks much for sending the requested info.