[Xubuntu] Segmentation fault in spite of little or no syncing activity

insync has been inexplicably crashing with Segmentation fault while idle or with negligible syncing activity.

I haven’t been able to pinpoint the precise circumstances that provoke it. When I notice that the icon has gone from the notification area, I usually look at ~/.config/Insync/out.txt to see what happened, but then I don’t know for how long it had been gone for. Now it’s 6:54 a.m. here, and out.txt’s timestamp is:

I have uploaded out.txt here.

Running insync on Xubuntu 14.10.

@marcelpaulo Please send us your logs.db and out.txt file to support@insycnhq.com. Also, please include the link of this post.

Thank you for your support :slight_smile:

The email I’ve just sent you was bounced back by mailer-daemon@googlemail.com with this error:

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
DNS Error: Address resolution of insycnhq.com. failed: Domain name not found

I sent it a second time, just in case, but it was bounced back just the same, with the same error.

Where should I send it to ?

@marcelpaulo The correct email address is support@insynchq.com (c and n were switched).

Please also try disabling notifications to see if that helps.

Oh dear, I should have spotted that. I just copied verbatim from Roald’s email. I’ve just forwarded my original email to the correct address.

I have followed your instruction, and disabled notifications. Will keep an eye and post backvufvit crashes again.

I think I have stumbled across the circumstances when insync crashes. I usually suspend my laptop when I go to bed, and resume it when I wake up. I have just resumed my laptop from sleep, and the insync icon is not on the notification area:

and the process is not running:

paulo@monk:~$ ps -ef | grep sync
paulo    15158  3122  0 08:35 pts/13   00:00:00 grep sync

I’m sending out.txt and logs.db again to support@insynchq.com, making reference to this post.

It’s playing cat-and-mouse with me: suspending/resuming is not making insync crash anymore. I have just suspended/resumed using the power button, and also using qdbus, but insync didn’t crash, in neither attempt.

So, @lpugoy, I’ll keep watching closely, and as soon as I come across the circumstances that always cause insync to crash, I’ll run the gdb backtrace, and emailed it to you.

Just so we have it documented for my and everyone else’s reference, I’ll write here the steps to take the gdb backtrace, as you emailed me:

  1. Open a terminal
  2. cd /usr/lib/insync
  3. gdb --args ./insync start --no-daemon
  4. In the gdb prompt, run r
  5. When Insync crashes, run bt in the gdb prompt
  6. Send the output to us