"you renamed xyz folder" - but no, I didn't!

I had this issue surface a while ago, and thought it might have something todo with insync on one computer and google drive client on another… but I recently replaced the google drive client with inysnc.

Insync reports “you renamed site locates to sitelo~1” - which I didn’t. Yes, sync continues to work between these two computers - BUT, I need computer 2 to sync this folder (and all the subfolders) to my server - it does this via other sync software. The problem is when InSync renames this folder, all of a sudden the other sync software figures the original “site locates” folder has been removed (not just renamed) and deletes all the files from the server.

A very frustrating ‘bug’. Any fixes or recommendations on how to keep this from occuring?

Hello @mcoyote

Please send to us the Insync logs to support@insynchq.com so that we could look into this.