"Your 15-day free trial has expired" [SOLVED: out-of-date version]

After I tried to logon to a notebook using Insync with my Developer’s account (matching the account used to log on to the forum), I encountered the two problems:

  • invalid authentication token - requested to re-authenticate. No problem, done.
  • in approx. an hour Insync notified me that my 15-day free trial has expired; “Refresh license” and/or restarting app/trying to re-authenticate doesn’t help

I wonder how do I solve this issue?

Update. Insync was at 3.2.6 version, with its repository signing key expired. The above is how it reacted when started. Currently it upgraded to 3.4.2, after re-importing signing key, and the issue has gone.


I’m glad it has been sorted out. Thank you for updating the post, @Konstantin_Boyandin!