Zoho WorkDrive Compatibility

I have started using Zoho WorkDrive for a local organization. It would be incredible to be able to use inSync for this rather than their default client (which is slightly buggy).

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I am curious as to the business case for Zoho. What drove the organization to use it versus a more commonly supported platform? I looked at their offering and I could not see anything to dramatically differentiate it from the pack. Give you advise that their client is “buggy”…what is the driving reason to chose them?

Cost mainly. Also, the org is already using Zoho for email.

Since the organization needed all users under an organization account (vs single user), the cost was dramatically different with Zoho drive @ $2.50/month per user, compared to:
MS OneDrive Business @ $5.00/month per user
DropBox Box Teams @ $15.00/month per user
Google Drive @ $6.00/month per user

The org is non profit and on a very tight budget, so keeping cost down for all services has been a priority.
I say that their client is buggy, but that might not be entirely fair. It works, but it is lacking in options and pops up on my desktop whenever it syncs, which is slightly annoying. Buggy might not be the right word. Needs some work, perhaps.

Thanks. The only downside I saw is the file size limit of 2gig for the base account. What I really want is a cloud storage that lets you use rsync. I spent yesterday setting up Insync headless, only to have to rip it out this a.m. on two servers as it simply is not ready for real work (IMHO). I have gone to rsync for now, but that depends on a host that can pull the files then sync them with the cloud provider. Hopefully I will get Insync working.