first your piece of sh… did AGAIN FORGET one of my three accounts.
then i couldnt add it anymore because insync said its already there. oO
then i noticed i could not even remove it because it wasnt SHOWN. m(
then i did uninstall this piece of sh… removed all evidence it ever exist and did reinstall it.
NOW i could add my “lost” account again, but this piece of sh… did REFUSE to USE the EXISTING datadir. so i had to create a new one.

i moved then from the OLD to the NEW and hope that your “coders” may be intelligent enough to know what the meaning of the word “sync” is. appearently they DONT KNOW. You piece of sh… did resync EVERYTHING and did create copycats of EXISTING directories and files (e.g. file or directory and suddenly there was a file(2) and directory(2) aaaaand counting).
THEN i relealized that the queue was in an INFINITE LOOP with INCREASING files. meanwhile is did climb from 380k files to 500k files - and counting.

your piece of sh… is SO FUCKING BUGGY that as a project manager or lead coder of it i should be very afraid of being fired for proven incompetence. these bugs are known for ages. you didnt do a fuck to solve them. instead you gave us an UNWANTED and NOT REQUESTED new “UI” which makes everything worse. use the fuckin OS API and stop bitching us with your incredible bad UI taste. better focus on BUGFIXING and accomplishing your PROMISE to fix those bugs.

btw major bugs have to be fixed in 48hours not 48years. so MOVE IT!

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@Simon_Lange if the same thing happened to me, I would be just as pissed off as you so I totally understand.

For your 1st problem (forgetting one of your accounts), this is a known problem and is being worked on. A potential fix is slated for 1.2.6 to help remove corrupted accounts.

For your 2nd problem re: duplicates when re-adding your account, this is also a known problem and also being worked on and is due to come out in version 1.4 (or earlier) as file compare.

To confirm your first problem, please send us your logs.db and out.txt file to support@insynchq.com. Please include the link of this forum post.

Here’s how to find logs:

Again, I’m very sorry about your experience and we will fix the issues.

Insync staff are being very polite, but I just received a weekly digest starring this thread and another where you cussed in the thread title.

Please, do phrase your (valid) grievances in a manner fit for consumption by other adults, who’re not obligated (by an overly developed service-consciousness) to put up with your attitude. Barring that, I’m appealing to Insync staff to be less tolerant of inappropriate language, and give a thought to other users as well, who are inadvertently exposed to this type of behavior.

–Yonatan Yehezkeally

@yoniy0 Unfortunately, that came from an Insync user and not us. I would rather not censor the title unless @Simon_Lange changes it himself.

But you are right, we have to respect each other by using better language (but I do understand his frustration).

Thanks for sharing.

@terpua The issue here is that the automated system forwards this user’s profanity to the community at large.

As CEO, it’s your job to understand his frustration. That shouldn’t mean the rest of us ought to be bombarded with it; I suggest that when I user expresses themselves in a disrespectful manner (or otherwise violates forum guidelines), their thread will be made private to them and their case manager (or a private service request be opened on their behalf to mirror the thread, and the original closed and deleted). Public speaking is a privilege, not an inherent right.

I have unlisted the topic (but still visible via direct link).

And yes, you’re right it’s my job to understand his frustration and I need to do a better job. And to that end, those said issues are being worked on.