1.2.7 stopped Synching

All seems normal but last event in the feed is 5h old and nothing happened since then. I used two accounts with a Pro Licence. Thanks for the help
i will send logs and

I am having same issue. Lots of hard drive activity which stops when I pause syncing. Lots of folders appear to be in the syncing process but not seeing them in the feeds tab and the progress tab says nothing is being synced. I can pause syncing and the hard drive activity stops. Unable to figure out what is going on but seeing tons of duplicated files earlier today, empty my trash can and it cleared 10 gigs of data.

Same Problem… No Syncing and HDD activity on the drive which is caused by “insync.exe”. I am also syncing two accounts with a pro License

Update: One Account is working perfectly the other one is not.

What to do?

@Adyl_Sayagh I have forwarded your logs to our engineer. :smile:

@Robert_Nelson @Dominik_Benner Please send us your logs.db and out.txt file to support@insynchq.com. Also, please include the link of this post and the OS you are using. :smile:

I am using Windows 8.1 Prof

I removed the second account that stopped synching and recreated it again, synch started but only for a while and now it is stalled again, it used to say 4500 files queued, now it says nothing left to be synched but in reality it just created the folder structure but all folders are empty, … Frustration all over :frowning:

Hi - I’m having the same issue. Everything has stopped syncing even thou there is lot’s to upload. Please help. I can send log files.

Stuck like this for days now, no idea how to get it to restat synch, tried force synch, and no luck, please help, I am tempted to go back to Gdrive, not great but at least it is reliable

Please send your logs.db and out.txt file to support@insynchq.com

Also, please include the link of this post. :smile:

Thank you for your patience.


I have the same problem when upgrading to version 1.4 (moving back to 1.3 solves the problem). Does anyone have a solution to the problem.



I have the same problem!
Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard SP1 64 bits.



I have the same problem since last update on MacOS