A new Insyncer (or Insynctizen) 😀 - need URGENT help and advice!

Hi there fellow users!

So I am brand new to Insync and I am trying to figure out how to resolve certain issues…

  1. I am on a mac running latest Catalina release
  2. I am using Insync
  3. I use gsuite business drive

So here are my issues:
i - i have checked the extensions settings and the finder integration is checked but I still don’t have any menu or finder integration
ii - it seems that every 10-20 minutes insync gets stuck - i look at the sync tab (where it shows progress for uploading files (12 at a time) and all 12 are stuck on 0% - i have to press pause/restart and it all restarts… but it hella annoying and I can’t get nothing done…
iii - also I don’t understand what finished uploading and what did not since I don’t have integration and in the setting window it shows that all folders are still syncing (and its been like this for over 24 hrs…)
Any help will be very much appreciated!

Thanks Again!

This hasn’t been implemented yet in v3 for any OS. Super annoying. Here’s a thread dedicated to missing features and bugs in v3. It seems to have been buried and probably needs updating. Insync 3: Bugs and issues

There’s a thread or series of posts from people with this same issue. You’ll have to search the forum. I’m not sure if there is a resolution yet.

Point iii is likely a result of point ii. I’d assume nothing has been synced at this point.

It’s unfortunate v3 is your intro to Insync. V1.5.x already includes pretty much all these features and it worked well. But I believe it lacks Catalina compatibility. I think everyone agrees v3 was released prematurely. So it seems our only option is to wait patiently as the team scrambles to fix/finish everything.

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Hi Kyle, thanks so much for helping out @IVG :slight_smile

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@IVG what Kyle said in the first point is correct.

As per the second question, can you send in the link to this post along with your logs.db files and out.txt file to support@insynchq.com?

I have sent an email earlier in the weekend that has the log files… I did not get a reply until this morning (from Mia) and I have sent her the post to the link as well as a screen recording of the issue…

I am wandering if this is something that is going to be resolved soon or I should just move on to different software… (goodsync looks promising)… The problem is that I can’t wait too long, I am planning to move from Dropbox business and my subscription is set to renew in Nov 10 and I want to have a working solution prior to that so I am not stuck…

Please let me know and be honest - nothing would be worse than relying on a software that fails to deliver on a promise in a mission critical environment…

When I hear things like hard and fast deadline and mission critical I think investigating all your options is in your best interest. There’s a post here somewhere from someone who recently tried out another syncing program, I believe it was good sync as well. They reported back quickly that it wasn’t good.

When I started with Insync they were the only option available at that time. I haven’t tried other syncing programs as I’ve always been happy with Insync. Currently on windows 10 I find insync working well enough not to regress back to V1.5. From what I read there doesn’t seem to be a better alternative anyway. Granted a crappy yet functional alternative is, of course, better than something that doesn’t work at all. My point is when v3 is at 100% you’re not going to find something better. However, when that will be isn’t clear. Insync team can comment on time frames. Based on the rate of updates I’m guessing it’s likely they’ll resolve your issue in the coming weeks but you’re probably not going to get any kind of guarantee.

FYI Insync team doesn’t seem to typically respond on weekends which is totally understandable. They also seem to be based in Europe as their response activity typically occurs at night for me in the U.S.

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Kyle, First I wanted to thank you for taking the time to respond!

Second, I will investigate goodsync and let you know if it is a valid alternative… As for a resolution, I agree it is rather unfortunate… I do like the interface and functionality (had it been working) but given that I am on Catalina and I am in need of syncing my data… I really am in need of a reliable solution… So here’s to hoping that these issues can be addressed quickly and reliably!