Insync 3: Bugs and issues

Hey everyone!

We’re aware that some users have been experiencing bugs and issues with Insync 3. Rest assured, we take bugs very seriously and our team’s currently working on fixing them.

So far, these are the most common reported bugs and issues:

  • Users receiving the following errors:
    • Unexpected error doing DownloadGDBlob
    • Unexpected error doing AddGDCloudItem
    • Unexpected error doing RemoveCloudItem
    • Unexpected error doing DownloadGDSpecial
    • Unexpected error doing ModifyCloudReg
  • Issues when reusing 1.x Base Folder in Insync 3:
    • Duplication errors
    • Insync reuploading files on migration
  • Licensing issues:
    • OneDrive & OneDrive for Business licenses not applying properly
    • Active Pro subscriptions are showing as expired
  • SharePoint not loading for some Linux users
  • Some users are stuck on “Connecting to Insync”
  • Some users cannot change the location of their Base Folder

Our team prioritizes bugs that affect syncing and performance so these will be handled first. Fixes are generally introduced in each Insync release but if there are any workarounds, our team will share them here in the forums.

It will help our team tremendously if affected users will email with these details:

  • Detailed description of the bug and how to replicate it
  • OS
  • Insync version
  • Log files (logs.db and out.txt)
    • For migration issues, please include the live and data folders

We understand the frustration of experiencing bugs and this upsets us as well because we want to deliver the best quality sync app for our users. We’re dedicated to that vision and with your help, it will become reality.

Apologies to those affected and hopefully you understand.

All the best,
Gregory Reyes
Insync Happiness Ambassador


There is some discussion that this may be solved in the latest version but you should add the issue of failure to automatically sync files and folders to local machines when they are created in, or uploaded by another machine to, the cloud root directory. Seems to affect gdrive and onedrive, windows, mac, and likely linux. Windows thread, Mac thread

Also, there should be a list of yet to be implemented features that really should be implemented to consider this a fully functional version. Such as:

  • missing/non-functional context menu items
  • non-functional stats tab
  • non-functional activity tab
  • missing progress tab. In 1.5.x the activity tab logged file changes and there was a progress tab that showed the status of files being uploaded and downloaded. This seems to be missing in 3.0.x
  • missing/non-functional symlink sync functionality akin to 1.5.x functionality

All of these are present in windows version. I’m assuming other OS but need to be confirmed.

edit: added missing symlink functionality previously working in 1.5.x

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