All kinds of account license problems

Hi Insync.

I really love the idea behind your app and I use it pretty seamlessly most days.
Lately, however, I’ve had all kinds of issues with the licensing.
First, I purchased a Prime Lifetime license. It was working fine until I tried to add Teams so that I could sync Shared Drives. I paid for that that (you can see the invoice in my account) but my account has changed, updated, upgraded, or anything.

Next, I tried add a third Google Drive account to my current Prime Lifetime account and it’s telling me that that account is on a 15 day free trial instead of just being part of my account. And I don’t see anywhere to update that with a license key or anything like that.

Please help.

Hi @dylandibona,

Some things to clarify:

  • Prime does not support Shared (Team) Drives syncing. Please refer to an old Forums post here.
  • Prime licenses are per account.

Upon checking your account, I see that you’ve upgraded to Company. If you need further assistance on licensing, please email as we will need to discuss/mention your personal email addresses which we prefer not to disclose in our public forums :slight_smile: