Backup also synchronized folders

I have seen the new Backup feature: that’s great!

I wanted to have a regular backup of my important folders, that are synchronized, to avoid accidental deletions and losses. But unfortunately there is a strange constraint that does not allow to backup a folder that is synchronized:

Screenshot from 2022-01-11 09-25-42

I would like to ask that one can make a backup of all your folders, also those that are synchronized.

Thank you!


Hi @LPP, thanks very much for reaching out about this. Indeed, Backup is separate from Sync as you’ve described. We’ve received similar feedback from users; with that in mind, I’ve forwarded your feature request to our Product Team. :slight_smile:

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would like that too please

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Thank you for bumping this feature request and adding your +1 @Yooofi :slight_smile: