Bandwith limiting when uploading

Hi, does insync for Linux have some kind of bandwith limitation when uploading / downloading files from Google Drive?


Sadly no. I have been using “Trickle” to manage the bandwidth of InSync.
If you use Ubuntu you can just download it from the Software Center.

Once installed I add the following to my startup applications command line: trickle -s -u 200 insync start

That limits my upload speed to 200KB. If I don’t use this, Insync is all but useless since my network gets saturated and nobody else can use it until the sync is complete. This really should be a basic feature of the application if anyone that has any say so can do something about it :smile:

I’ll tag this under Feature Request :blush:


Google Drive for Mac supports this feature, you can configure separately download & upload speed.Dropbox even provides a “limit automatically” features, which I assume intelligently throttles upload when it detects congestion.

Please ADD BANDWIDTH CONTROL, it should be a very basic feature!!
It’s been over a year since I started using insync and I read many times that this feature is in your TODO list… the app has gone through major changes but there’s still no bandwidh control.
I tried to use trickle (i’m on linux) but it eats up my cpu.
When i’m uploading files to my GDrive I can hardly browse mobile versions of websites and I absolutely can’t use Skype or other internet-based apps.


I would like bandwidth control too but I think worth adding would be a setting to enable sync between two times - so that you could maybe set it to sync out of office hours ie 18:00 - 07:00. I realise some people want constant sync so that you have revisions but if you know your internet speed wont keep up with the pace of changes then would make sense to just sync at the end of the day


Nice suggestion. This doesn’t seem to be working for me on Linux Mint, though, using the same command you provided. Is this still working for you on the latest version of Insync?

Sorry for the delay. Yes it is still working. The only change I made to my own setup is to cap the download speed too.

+1 on some solution to bandwidth sharing, preferably throttling, but optionally (or also) whitelist/blacklist hours.

For those using Windows, NetBalancer is an option.

We need this feature real bad.

Bandwith limitation is a must! I have 3 (soon 4) google drives connected to InSync for different projects.

To any engineers seeing this. No need to reply. Just pleas fix this ASAP or this beautiful concept is next to useless as it clogs the whole network usage.

I would like to add my vote for bandwidth throttling. Also, ability to schedule when sync occurs. I prefer syncing at night due to low internet bandwidth availability where I live/work from home. Right now I have to remember to pause it when I start work in the morning, and re-enable in the evening.


+1 We really need this!

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Wow - I wish I had this problem. On a pretty maxed out MacBook Pro I can’t get this above 40Kb/Sec - yes K, as in 56K, as in dial up modems. Sure would like more threads and an ability to use a little of the other 499.95 Mb/Sec upload bandwidth available.

+1 for bandwidth limiting please! Separate controls for upload/download would be very useful (like Google’s app), blacklist/whitelist hours might be nice. Thank you!


Is speed limiting still not a feature?!

Come on Insync!

2.5+ years since original request. Remind me again why I paid for InSync. :wink:

its now 2018 and pushing 3 years since you started taking my money, you still cant manage to transfer more than two files at once???

so… any other disgruntled users seeing this have any alternatives to insync that actually work?

Would like to add my vote for bandwidth throttling… just spend DAYS tracking down random high latency on our home network and I’m 99% sure it is insync uploading things.