Bandwith limiting when uploading


Bandwidth throttling is a must! I’m just trying it out now, but Drive has this so why not insync?


Add me to the long list of customers who are getting tired of waiting for this to be implemented!


I agree, +1 to this VERY IMPORTANT feature. The reason I started using Insync was because it was/is better than Google Drive for Windows. The ability to throttle your bandwidth usage is something Google Drive started doing early on in it’s development. With large files I find myself having to pause Insync or even exiting the application when I need to use my PC for anything that touches the internet (which is everything these days). Adding a time or window when it would be able to upload is also a good feature but NOT one that should be used to address THIS issue. We don’t need work arounds, we need to be able to upload those VERY large files but at a fraction of the max speed because we still need them to upload! They get in the way of sending the large amount of little files we need to get to our drive.

Also, something I have always been a fan of with Dropbox and something I think makes a product amazing vs great is VoteBox. That’s Dropbox’s way of letting the community/users determine what needs to be developed next. Just because an Insync developer thinks something is neat or cool to add does not mean all of us care about it. I bet if you guys had a site like VoteBox then everyone would have this one at a very high level.


Let’s get this feature added! It’s a must!


No bandwidth throttling? Are you kidding me? I want my money back.

Unbelievable for a product that is touted as an “extra featured” program for Google Drive.

Extra features my ass…


Dear InSync,

Do you GENUINELY have any plans for adding bandwidth control to InSync? If so, when should we expect to see it?


Hi guys!

We’re currently working on this feature. :slight_smile: There’s no ETA for it yet though, but rest assured it’s already in our pipeline!


Dear Insync

Any progress with bandwidth control or even an idea when it will be made available???


Hey @Chris1701,

As of this writing, we’re still working on this feature. As soon as it’s available, we’ll be sure to let you know! :slight_smile:


i hope so, although i notice it was first requested in 2015…


Any day now would be lovey…[crickets]



I have over 30,000 files in the queue for upload, the machine doing the sync is a monster, the network setup is good and I have over 500mbps up and down to play with. Yet the upload is only getting through 1000 files a day.

Please for the love of god, let me control parallel uploads and downloads.

People have been screaming for control over rate limiting since 2015!!


Hey everyone! We understand the importance of this feature in your workflow and this is something we’ve been planning to incorporate into the app. Our team’s focus has been on improving the overall base quality of Insync which will be seen in our next update. This way, it’ll ensure that Insync runs its core features flawlessly before adding new ones. Rest assured, bandwith control will be seen in the future of Insync. :slight_smile: Thanks so much for the patience!


It is now November… Any update… PLEASE… Actually scheduling sync time would solve all my bandwith issues. I could schedule to syng just at night. That would be awesome.


same here! Please integrate this functionality!


Just bought and setup Insync, amazed there is no bandwidth throttiling available. The network admin is going to come kill me when I try to sync at work for first setup!


If insync doesn’t implement this feature soon, I’m going to have to switch to something else. There is just no way I can handle manually turning on and off sync just so my family can actually use the internet during the day. I know that means no loss of revenue for insync, so I understand it only will suck for me, but I’ve got to use something that works. To me and many others here, this should be a core feature! The product is near unusable without it. Please roll out soon.


Bandwidth control is on the near-term product roadmap :sunny: