Base folder remains default

Insync, Linux (PopOS/Ubuntu 19.04)

I just installed Insync, added my Google Drive account, set the base folder to /home/user/gdrive and selected some folders to sync but it was downloading them to the default location (/home/user/Insync/email/Google Drive).

After several attempts to remove/add the account it started working correctly, looks like it happened when I skipped the configuration (ignore rules) in the initial wizard by pressing the big “Not now” (or whatever it was called) button, and later added the ignore rules and selected the folders to sync via the main menu.


Thanks for this @Alex_P. Glad to hear that you’re not encountering problems anymore.

We have version 3.0.15 available on the website now!

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I’m currently running v3.0.15.40277 on the latest version of MacOS and have the same problem. Nothing I do seems to get a custom base folder to stick. I’m trying to point to an external drive.

Hi @John_Papola! When changing the base folder, you currently have to click “Sync” for the change to apply (during the initial onboarding or after the fact). Do you remember clicking “Sync”?

We are looking to improve the experience surrounding setting base folders, so thanks for this feedback! We have some changes lined up in upcoming updates.

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@gio I have clicked sync and nothing happens. I’ve unchecked all the folders, hit sync and they’re removed from the default folder. Check one while pointing to the custom folder… and it still syncs to the default.

The function appears to be completely broken for me.

Hi @John_Papola,

Could you confirm if you have at least one file/folder synced (marked by a green check) prior to changing your Base Folder?

I’ve tried it both ways. I’ve changed the base folder with at least one folder already synced AND I’ve reset and deleted everything and then attempted to set the base folder before syncing anything.

Neither have worked.

I see. Thanks for the update and apologies for the trouble! Did you get a chance to update to 3.0.16 to see if this issue persists? Let me know how it goes. :slight_smile: