Can't delete an account


I have two accounts, and one of them didnt have a local folder. I then upgraded insync and now I can’t delete the one that doesnt have a folder. I have tried adding the account again but it still only shows me the primary account. I don’t want to delete the app as I’ll lose the sync state on the account that is working.

I see both the accounts when I right click on the icon. However within the left click app open I only see the account that has a home folder.

Is there a way I can manually delete the broken account.

Any ideas?

Insync does not initiate syncing on all my PRO accounts on start up

@Sachin_Dev_Duggal We are aware of this issue and we are working now on a fix. Thank you for your patience and understanding. :smile:


There is a way to manually delete the account by removing/renaming its associated database file located in ~/Library/Application Support/Insync/dbs/gd2-****.db. Now the problem is identifying which file is for which account, since the db file uses the account ID, which is a long numeric string.

Please send us an email with your logs.db or config.db attached, as well as which account you want to remove, and we can help you manually remove it for now. We apologize for the inconvenience and as mentioned we are working on making this possible via the UI as well.