Context menu is missing on Windows 11 23H2 under insync version v3.8.7.50505

Hello, I’m encountering an error of missing the insync context menu on Windows 11 23H2

I can’t find the option on my context menu when i want to change the permission of a file on google drive

System info

I don’t know what log i can provide to you as i don’t know how to find the error log in windows (debian user here), yet i’m very welcome to provide the required log.

Hi! The Insync context menu items on File Explorer are “Share” and “View on web” only. You can change the permissions by navigating to the file on the app UI. Click “Share”, and edit the permissions from the pop-up window.

For the missing context menu, it might be due to Window’s limitations as explained here: (WINDOWS) Workaround for file/folder badges not appearing due to overlay icons limitation.