(WINDOWS) Workaround for file/folder badges not appearing due to overlay icons limitation

There is a Windows limit (15) on the number of overlay icons that can be registered. For example, if Dropbox (along with other cloud services) and Insync are installed, Insync overlay icons (file/folder badges) may not appear.

Method 1

  1. Uninstall other programs that have overlay icons (i.e. Dropbox, OneDrive, etc)
  2. Install Insync
  3. See if badges appear

Method 2

  1. Open regedit.exe, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer \ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers and check what other apps have registered overlay icons.

  2. Workaround if number of overlay icons registered is over Windows limit (15): rename the Insync keys and enter two or three blank spaces in front. Then they will be on top of the list and displayed.

This workaround was first posted by @rrvdplas in this post