Context Menu on OSX 10.11 (El Capitan)


@jeffloven Have you updated to the latest forums version (1.3.3)? It’s possible that the context menu shows up because you still have SIP turned off. There’s no need to turn SIP back on for the new context menu to work, although if the new version is working then there would also be no need for SIP to still be turned off.

Could you send a screenshot of what you mean about Finder and the icon overlays to We’d also be happy to continue answering your questions in that thread instead.


@jimperio I turned on Insync in the extensions panel, and the context menu shows up now in the insync folder.
So now I hope you guys can make the “add to insync” to work and I’ll buy it.


@jimperio I just updated to 1.3.3. Almost everything seems to be working perfectly for me now. Here’s the single exception: The “Add to Insync” option in the Finder context menu for files currently outside Insync no longer appears. Prior to updating to 1.3.3 this option was available.

Thanks for the help!


@carlolippens @jeffloven We are currently working on making “Add to Insync” work again, and hope to be able to include it in the next version.


The funny thing is that dropbox does not have this issues with “El Capitan”


Hi, I have the same problem after upgrading to El Capitan. I can no longer pop-up context menu and add folder to GoogleDrive via InSync. Insync used to work very well for me before, I share between Windows PCs & MACs (I have many due to my work), but now useless for me. How do I add a new folder now? The Insync option is still in the context menu for folders already added to InSync before the upgrade. I checked my Console and found the following regarding InSync, could it indicate anything?

2015/12/27 8:03:10,199 AM Insync Finder Integration[81017]: Failed to connect (colorGridView) outlet from (NSApplication) to (NSColorPickerGridView): missing setter or instance variable
2015/12/27 8:03:10,199 AM Insync Finder Integration[81017]: Failed to connect (view) outlet from (NSApplication) to (NSColorPickerGridView): missing setter or instance variable

2015/12/27 8:08:31,611 AM WindowServer[174]: disable_update_timeout: UI updates were forcibly disabled by application “Insync” for over 1.00 seconds. Server has re-enabled them.
2015/12/27 8:08:37,081 AM Insync Finder Integration[395]: *** Assertion failure in -[NSMenu initWithTitle:], /Library/Caches/
2015/12/27 8:08:37,081 AM Insync Finder Integration[395]: <NSXPCConnection: 0x7ff303c41dc0> connection from pid 328: Warning: Exception caught during invocation of received message, dropping incoming message and invalidating the connection.
Exception: Invalid parameter not satisfying: aTitle != nil


Any update to this? Am also having the same problem.


I tried the work around listed above but with 1.3.3 it seems to be broken. Where can I get the old version. It is critical I have this feature as I add new folders all the time. I would not have updated if I had known this was an issue. Perhaps it should be listed on the homepage? @jimperio


Hello everyone, we apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused, and will update this thread as soon as there is a beta version of Insync with “Add to Insync” working on 10.11.


Any updates on the upcoming release that returns the context menus?


how about just getting the “share link” thing working from the context menu. It is a pain to have to connect to google to do a share from there. Any hope getting this to work.


So, this Parrot is dead?


It’s a big pain to have no context menu :frowning:


It’s working for me! I’m running the most current version of El Capitan on a Macbook Pro 13" Retina Mid-2014.


You may want to turn on Insync extension for Finder from Extensions (System Preference->Extensions or Hotspot->Extensions)


It works for me!
Thank you!


Hi Jim – is there any update to this issue? On and trialling the software right now with some colleagues. We really need this issue to be resolved if we’re going to go ahead and purchase :slight_smile:


follow up @jimperio :slight_smile:


This works for me, however I find that the integration will stop intermittently. I haven’t found a consistent cause, and end up having to just turn it off and on again to get it going. While not a deal breaker, it’s certainly not ideal.


@cfrazier We’ve only begun receiving reports of this issue recently, and are currently investigating. In the meantime, yes, turning the extension on manually will work.