Crash changing sync directory (with fix)

I’m on the rolling build of Manjaro Linux. The app seems to work fine as long as I don’t try to change the directory, but crashes out of the app if I do.

I referenced to perform a clean install.

I am emailing logs.db and out.txt to

Got your logs via email; I have received a similar report from a fellow Linux user but I am clarifying with our engineers first to see if the advise would be the same. I’ll update you accordingly :slight_smile:

We can confirm this happens on ArcoLinux (Arch Linux based) computers too.

Here is a video to show what happens and the content of the out file.

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Crash when changing sync folders might be related. There are a handful of folks running into that on Arch.

There’s a mention that installing the plasma-meta package on Arch might fix that issue, so maybe a dependency thing?

Hi @devin

Can you uninstall and install using the Insync package in the Arch AUR?

Also what desktop environment are you using?
I tested it out on Manjaro Gnome and changing the directory works fine for me


Hey all. Could you let us know too, if this workaround helps?

Hi @miamoran this did not help in my case.

Hi @Kurt_Ko - yes this is the exact aur package I used. I did just attempt a clean removal and reinstall (using a fresh clone) but I am still crashing.

I’m running into the same issue, on Arch Linux in Gnome. Whenever I try to change a sync folder the app crashes. The workaround suggested above did not work.

Just adding my +1, seems like the same issue reported by others already

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Appreciate the updates @gomezzz and @devin. Let me forward this to Kurt and will update you guys accordingly!

Hi @devin @gomezzz

Can you run sudo mv /usr/lib/insync/{,.bak}, restart Insync and try again?


This works! Now I can change base directory without crash.


This unblocked me as well. Thank you @Kurt_Ko


almost a year later, this worked for me on Pop!_OS 21.10 64bit.
I added a Dropbox sync and wanted the base folder on an attached drive, but it would crash every time I’d try to change it from the main HDD location. Thanks @Kurt_Ko

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