Create Google document from PC side

I use Insync on my two Google accounts on a daily basis, but over time I have taught myself how to get around an annoying issue - I wonder anyone can help me fix it?

I use “Convert to Microsoft format” as quite often I like to edit offline after a sync (although "Convert to Open Document format will have this same issue).

To explain the issue best, look at this example:

  1. Create a new document in Drive, in the correct folder.
  2. The file is synchronised, and I can edit it in Word, Libre Office, whatever.
  3. Go back to Drive, continue editing in Google Docs - brilliant.

However, the opposite is not possible:

  1. Create a new document on the computer, in the correct folder.
  2. The file is synchronised, but it is not converted.
  3. Go back to Drive, can’t edit without cloning and deleting the original.
  4. Multiple versions synced while doing this.

I’ve never lost any work from this, but it is not ideal. I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction?

In case it makes any difference, I’m using kubuntu 16.04 64 bit, insync 1.3.8, and mainly edit using Microsoft Word 2010 (Wine).

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Tagging our engineer @lpugoy :slight_smile:

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@g105b: Converting a local document to its corresponding Google document format is not supported yet, apologies for the trouble.

18 months later, is there any way to do this?

Every time I need to create a new document, I have to open Google Docs in a browser, create a blank document there, wait for it to sync and then begin editing in Microsoft Word - all to avoid having a file that isn’t editable by Google Docs.

Can you cast any light onto how to achieve this?

hi @g105b, discussed this with our engineer.

The reason why Insync still doesn’t convert from Office format to gdoc is because we can’t guarantee the reliability of conversion (Insync uses the DRIVE API). Some Office features (i.e. comments) may not translate reliably to the Google format – so in this case we’re opting to exclude the feature to lessen the risk of documents getting messed up :slight_smile:

You can however create a new Gdoc easily from Insync – just hover over your picture and click “Create new…”. You’ll see:
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Thanks for your input @gio - I didn’t know of that feature.

I use the automatic conversion from GDocs to .docx feature of InSync. It works perfectly for me, which is why it is so annoying to always have to create the document in Google Drive first for it to Sync and convert to the Word version. This is the issue I have.

If there is a technical reason my request is impossible, please could I suggest adding “Create New Google Docs here” to the InSync context menu in Folders? That would eliminate my problem by avoiding having to go to the web browser, create a new document, name it and set a particular folder for it to live in.

I’ve mocked up my idea below.

Please let me know what you think.

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Do you found workaround? May be is it possible to create own shortcut?

I’m 99% sure this feature is implemented in v1.5.7. Are there plans to add this to v3.x?

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Format file .gdoc it is simple json:

{"url": "", "file_id": "xxxxxxxxxxxx", "account_email": ""}

To create it will be good