Do not download feature on Insyc3

I recently updated to MacOS Big Sur and was forced to update to Insync 3.

On older Insync, I could only upload .mp4 files and not download them with setting

Extension - .mp4, Do not upload/download/both

How to achieve the same on Insync 3? It uses git ignore which is not quite the same? I don’t want to download certain extensions but I want to upload them i.e I only want to ignore them one way, not the other.

Hi! This is Mara from Insync Support.

If you want to upload a file via the app, you can click on the Local Selective Sync button and choose the folder that you want to upload to the cloud. If you no longer want this local folder connected to the cloud after syncing, you can click Unsync after. :slight_smile: This will keep the folder in the cloud and your local machine.

I hope this helps!

Hi Mara thanks for the response.

I’m asking about a feature in Insyc 1.x which allowed me to only upload/download certain file extensions like videos etc. Is it possible to do the same on Insync3 ?

Hi! Seems similar to this thread: One way sync on Insync3 i.e Only upload? :slight_smile:

Hi yes, they are the same issue :slight_smile:

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