One way sync on Insync3 i.e Only upload?

I recently updated to MacOS Big Sur and was forced to update to Insync 3.

On older Insync, I could only upload .mp4 files and not download them with setting

Extension - .mp4, Do not upload/download/both

How to achieve the same on Insync 3? It uses git ignore which is not quite the same? I don’t want to download certain extensions but I want to upload them i.e I only want to ignore them one way, not the other.

Hi! Thanks for raising this. I have forwarded the feedback to our engineer and I’ll update you accordingly :slight_smile:

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Any ETA on this? we should have gotten a release on this months ago long with the headless but no info so far…

Hi guys! One-way sync is in the works. There’s no ETA yet but here’s a quick response from our CEO about this too: Can I use InSync to upload only