Error syncing blocks progress (error doing ModifyCloudReg)

the linux client (3.0.19) seems stuck on the same files being uploaded again and again and after each attempt stops at “error doing ModifyCloudReg on the file” for several files.

this seems to be happening on folders that were shared with me that I don’t have write access to.

Well the “good news” is you are not the only one seeing these errors (so it is not your setup), the bad news, is InsyncHQ are yet to acknowledge the issue and are continuing to offer the download.

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Same problem here on MacOS X !

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+1 Linux Ubuntu 18.04, insync v3.0.19.40421

Same problem on Linux 18.3. The worst part of this for me is that I solved the issue by going back to 1.5.7 and then didn’t keep an eye on a recent Linux update that put 3.0 back on my system. Ugh! Insync’s support seems very nice and I’m very appreciative of anyone who builds for Linux. That said, they’ve asked for our log files via email and on the forums which contain file names. Perhaps this isn’t a great practice on my part, but some of my file names contain personal information so that I can easily search them later. I can’t imagine I’m the only one who does that and Insync support shouldn’t be asking for it without letting us know the risk it could potentially pose to our personal information. I cut and paste excerpts from the log file regarding the ModifyCloudReg error in an email and in this forum 23 hours ago, but have yet to hear back.

Same here (mac os), just started today

Same here, Linux Mint 18.x, insync 3.0.19 for OneDrive Professional Cloud

Yeah. Same here MacOS 10.14.6. It is extremely annoying not being able to work on my Lightroom files on another computer. I travel a lot. Insync has always had these error resolution issues. Since 1.5+. It is beyond me why their product team doesn’t consider this high priority. I am switching as soon as Google’s Backup and Sync gets its act together. Ugh, what horrid engineering and UX!

Hi everyone, the ModifyCloudReg errors are a bit scattered now, can you send in the screenshots of your errors to since the errors have specific messages after them.

Thank you.