Error: "The cloud is temporarily unavailable or under maintenance" when uploading large files

Hello, I just installed Insync on Ubuntu 20.04. and am currently uploading my files.
I use OneDrive Germany.
My upload connection is pretty slow.

I noticed that when Insync tries to upload larger files (I think this happens with files greater than > 30 MB), it cancels the upload of that file midways and I get the error “The cloud is temporarily unavailable or under maintenance. Please retry after a few moments” with the directory path of the file in the Errors Tab.
Uploading small files works fine.

Please Help.

P.S. According to an internet speed test I get download speeds of 10 Mbps and Upload of about 0.8 Mbps

Hi! This is Mara from Insync Support.

This is a known issue we’re currently investigating on. Kindly send your log files to

In the meantime, if getting the files up the cloud is urgent, you can do this via the web browser.

I’ll send the logs when there is less uploading happening - it seems right now I don’t even have enough upload bandwith left to attach files.

I also get the error. “An unexpected server error occured doing AddCloudODItem. The error message reads: error code 504. Please retry after a few moments.” (also sent this to support in the chat).

Is it possible to reduce the number of upload threads and maybe also configure a longer timeout duration?

Hi! Thanks for this! I’ll check out your message and we’ll wait for your log files. :slight_smile:

The current number of files being synced at a time is just 12, we set it at this number to limit eating up all the bandwidth. But we’re also checking if customizing the number of upload threads and allowing a longer timeout duration could help solve this issue. :slight_smile:

We appreciate the feedback!

I just sent the Log files!

I thought about it and the errors could also be due to my system.
For some reason my system is pretty messed up.
Right now I wasn’t even able to attach files in Gmail and Outlook (with no other relevant programs running in the background).
I’ll reinstall Ubuntu and try again.

I now did a complete reinstall of Ubuntu.
The first thing I downloaded was Insync.
I unchecked nearly all folders in the Insync OneDrive Setup screen, and the downloading worked fine.
For testing I then copied some video files in the root directory of the synced OneDrive folder to test the uploading. This are about 10 files in the range of 1MB to 14MB, with one file having 27 MB.

The uploading seemed faster than before and all files were successfully uploaded except the one with 27 MB which again gave me the “The cloud is temporarily unavailable or under maintenance” error.

After all smaller files were uploaded I pressed the “Retry” button and this time the upload bar for the file with 27 MB filled fully. But then something stranger happened: Instead of the file now being uploaded, the uploading bar disappeared and reappeared empty again after a few second. So now it seems to be stuck in a loop trying to upload this one file with 27 MB, always completely filling the upload bar but never successfully uploading it to OneDrive and not raising any errors.

Maybe I have a special situation - OneDrive Germany (which apparently is something different than consumer OneDrive for other countries due to privacy laws) and pretty slow internet (rural Bavaria).

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I have a same issue in UK, with 20Mb upload speed and Debian 10.
So I don’t think the speed, distribution or the region is matter.
This issue exist quite a long time. I already stop using InSync 3 weeks ago because of this problem.

Thanks for the update! I’ve received your logs and have sent it to our engineers for investigation. We’ll definitely email you when a fix has been deployed.

Hi! Apologies for that! Were you able to send us your log files for this as well? Do you also want to be informed when this fix has been released?

Sorry, I can’t provide a log because already removed the program but please notify me if you fixed.

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I sent Mara log files corresponding to my second install, where I had problems with the 27MB file.
Please inform me also when this is fixed.

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I am also experiencing the same problem on Linux Mint. I have sent a screenshot, the details of the PC and the logfiles this morning to

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Is also having issues on Fedora 33. Can’t send logs right now. Will keep looking here for a solution.

I have also recently downloaded InSync to sync my files with OneDrive. I am using the Free Trial version currently, with a view to purchase, and I am experiencing this issue on my Windows 10 PC, when uploading larger files, i.e. over 25-30 MB, and especially with files over 100MB.

Same issue here. Had a GDrive account but work has made it necessary to purchase a OneDrive license for Insync. I have many of these errors, and it’s taken all day to try to upload, something that never happened with my GDrive.

Kindly send your log files to us at so we can investigate this further.

If it’s urgent that you get to upload the files, please use your cloud browser for large files.

Apologies for the hiccup and thank you for your patience, everyone!